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It all started when I was 16. I was playing with my cousin when suddenly I felt like I’m having a heart attack. It really stressed me out because I thought that I had heart attack symptoms. I then visited a cardiologist but he said that it’s just gastritis. He did not say anything about GERD and I also didn’t know that there’s this health condition people are suffering. Then everything of the symptoms I experienced went out. Then the lockdown came and I was suffering from gas and recurrent spell of food regurgitation for the whole year. I blamed it on my habits of getting up late and eating at erratic timings and took pantoprazole and antacids for almost the whole year. Yet symptoms kept recurring. Again in the start of 2021 I started feeling nauseous, dizzy and my stomach began paining like anything. In March I had the worst. For 1 week I couldn’t get up of bed due to extreme fatigue and fever. The gastric flare-up was getting worse and worse. I visited the doctor again but they continued giving me the same ineffective medicines to relieve my symptoms.

Finally. I had to go for an endoscopy test and was diagnosed with H PYLORI infection and antral gastritis. No sign of GERD was there. I took the pylori kit medication for almost 2 months and symptoms started fading away. However, after 2 months with a constant intake of fried and spicy food aggravated by stress as my father was sick and passed away the symptoms began to get worse again. I took medicine again this time also from a general doctor. As the symptoms were not improving for months, I began going to a gastroenterologist. I told him about the symptoms but he didn’t believe I have GERD . He laughed and said that it was just esophagitis. He gave me medicine and told me that it was just my stress and anxiety nothing serious. He send me to a Psychiatrist and I took medicine. Yet after one month of Omeprazole with the stress-relieving meds still my symptoms persist and get worse. My teeth are all getting decayed and sensitive due to enamel erosion and my tongue was white. My sinusitis gets worse and even my ears are paining. They still are. I went back to the gastroenterologist for treatment but he chased me out thinking I was exaggerating my symptoms and telling me to go back to the psychiatrist. In frustration, I left the hospital for such insensitivity and I decided to not take meds anymore. However my symptoms began to aggravate, heartburn, sinusitis, ear pain, tooth pain, IBS, nausea, bad breath which I loathe the most. I feel ashamed to talk to people also Even my friends Wish God heal me fast. I’m tired of this. Most of the time I want to die. It’s just too much… to take for a 17 year old.

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