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I was diagnosed with IBS 17 years ago and like most people with IBS I have gone thru countless test, visits to specialists, dietary restrictions, and procedures. About 5 years ago, I gave up and resigned to live with my symptoms which were relatively mild compared to many. I had constant gas and bloating, loose watery stool, but never constipation or much pain. I can remember when I got it, it just kind of came on over the course of a couple of days.

I have good news though. I recently had oral surgery and was given a course of penicillin antibiotic to recover. Within a few days of taking the penicillin my symptoms disappeared completely and after 6 weeks they are still gone. I am still in disbelief, but so far it has been a complete reversal, not just a minor improvement.

I don’t know that what I really had was IBS, or for that matter what IBS actually is. It seems to be more of a catch all for un-diagnosable bowel issues. That said IBS is what most of my doctors diagnosed it as……though one said it was Gerd.

I do remember taking a course of antibiotics around the time that it began, but can not remember the type. I suspect that something changed with my micro-biome, but of course can not say for sure.

Just want to share this, I hope it helps someone.

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