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Well this story is about my child. At a few months old constipation became an issue that would come and go. Up to age 3 we treated this by the pediatricians recommendations with suppositories, v8 splash, senna a list of things. The suppositories we not pleasant of course and we just kind of backed off everything. Things seemed better, life and Mom-brain took over. So over the next several years it was all “forgotten” but yet my healthy thriving child ALWAYS had a stomachache and had that distended baby belly look. Anyways fast forward and just over a year ago she woke up vomiting. She got sick 2 or 3 times that day and then she was fine. Exactly 1 week later fever, headache and severe vomiting started. She could sleep, eat, drink or lay down and eventually refused to move at all. Many doctor visits with pediatrician, urologist and GI and the diagnosis was IBS-C. This we have found out has been an issue her whole life :/ Over the next 12 months the constipation worsened and the encopresis was out of control. She was admitted for a bowel clean out via NG-GOlightly. Her bowels have shrunk a bit but still very full. She HATES all of it..meds, clean outs, using the bathroom, just everything. She is now a pre-teen which doesn’t help. I also feel like people see her and think she is perfectly healthy or if she has to “go” just do it and she will be better. She has lost a lot of the signs to use the bathroom. It’s overwhelming and I don’t want to fail her. People have no clue what this is like..of course we could be worse. I remind myself that always. What else do we do? Meds make her feel sick, clean outs make her feel sick for days and she is miserable.

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