is your resource for reliable digestive health knowledge, support, and assistance about functional gastrointestinal (GI) and motility disorders (FGIMDs).  We are a nonprofit that started in 1991.  Discover information you need on digestive disorders in adults and children.

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Take Part in a Research Study

Clinical trials and studies are critical to finding more and better treatments. By participating in a study you can help advance research into gastrointestinal disorders and learn more about your condition.

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Share Your Personal Story

Sharing your experience of living with a chronic digestive health condition can provide a therapeutic release for you as well as encourage others who may be suffering to keep fighting.

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Join the IFFGD Patient Panel

We need your input! Join patients, family members, and friends from around the world in helping shape IFFGD's future by providing input to help guide IFFGD programs and servies and/or participating in IFFGD-sponsored programs and events.

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What's Happening?

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  • The Need for Research Funding

    More than 25% of the global population reportedly suffers in some capacity from a functional GI ... Read More
  • Take Part in Clinical Trials

    Clinical research studies/trials seek to find new and better ways to treat, control, prevent ... Read More
  • How to Make a Difference

    Will donating to medical research make a difference? The majority of research in the United States .... Read More